Flu Prevention in Older Adults

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Healthcare Worker Administering Flu Shot To Older Adult
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Flu Prevention in Older Adults

December 09, 2020
Older adults are at greater risk for serious complications from influenza, or the “flu.” With the COVID-19 pandemic still active across the country, vaccinations are more important than ever.  

While the seasonal flu can impact anyone, flu-related deaths and hospitalizations are much more common in those over 65.

“The two best things for older adults – and, really, all of us – are to get your annual flu vaccination, and follow the guidance for COVID-19,” says Dr. Emily Rogers, primary care physician at InnovAge PACE - Aurora.
  1. Flu Shot: The flu virus contributes to almost 40,000 deaths a year, but the vaccination saves approximately 2-3 million lives annually. Recent studies have shown the flu vaccine may lessen the risk of hospitalization if for those that contract COVID-19.
  2. Be aware of germs: Avoid touching your face, especially eyes, nose, and mouth. Cough into elbows instead of hands, and practice proper handwashing.
  3. Follow COVID-19 precautions: Avoid being around people who are sick and if you're sick, stay home. If you must leave for essential errands, wear a mask and physically distance six feet from people outside of the household.
”Especially this year, it’s so important for all of us – not just older adults – to be vaccinated against the flu,” says Dr. Rogers.  
Healthcare Professional Administering Vaccine

The Other Vaccine: Pneumonia

The lung infection can be particularly dangerous for those over 65. Learn more in our latest post. 

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