InnovAge Henry Avenue

Living Independently For Elders (LIFE)

LIFE is designed to keep seniors independent and at home for as long as possible.

Senior care decisions are never easy, especially when dealing with complex health issues that require multiple services. InnovAge LIFE, known nationally as the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), can help by providing healthcare and social services to seniors - without having them move into a nursing facility.

InnovAge LIFE redefines senior care. Each participant works with a team of medical experts to develop a care plan that is personalized to meet their evolving medical and social needs. Senior care is not 'one sized fits all,' which is why each participant has a customized LIFE experience to meet their individual needs.



Jacquelynn Williams, Center Director

I’ve worked in almost all areas of long-term care, and I truly believe the PACE model is the best way to care seniors. It is so gratifying to improve the quality of participants’ lives through my daily work. When they laugh and smile, it brings me great joy.
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InnovAge Pennsylvania LIFE - Henry Avenue


InnovAge’s Henry Avenue LIFE center opened in November 2019 and is designed to care for 440 participants annually. The center offers multiple day rooms, large physical therapy area, primary care clinic with five exam rooms, dental suite, and convenient front door pick/drop off area.

The Henry Avenue LIFE center is one of five InnovAge LIFE centers in Pennsylvania.

Do I Qualify?

Find out if you or your loved one qualifies for all-inclusive care, and have an InnovAge representative contact you directly.